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Increasing your annual sales is becoming more and more difficult! You need a unique way to create a new revenue stream that will boost your bottom line AND provide your clients a new way to reach potential customers.

What you need is goBidPro!

goBidPro is a software tool to help build a non-traditional revenue stream (NTR) for your media company. Whether it's Radio, Newspaper or Television.

goBidPro - Low cost with high rate of return

goBidPro is a powerful web-based software program that allows your radio station, Newspaper, or TV station the ability to run a revenue-generating local auction promoted with your un-sold inventory. Hosting a goBidPro auction accomplishes several tasks: it helps generate new, pre-paid advertising revenue (paid for by your audience), attracts a unique group of advertisers you're not doing business with currently, creates an in-house promotion that generates listener and reader excitement, and allows advertisers to market their businesses at their cost of goods.

One of the unique features of the goBidPro program is that it allows you to run an on-line and on-air or in-paper auction simultaneously. This opens the potential participant base wide open. One demographic enjoys the on-line bidding and buying options. Another demographic can participate by listening or reading and making a phone call to buy or bid.

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